Creating academic/empirical posters

Hi guys,

I’ve had an interesting session on poster presentations and I’ve released that we have little information for how to format these or a basic outline for them in our resources.

Posters provide a way to give a clear and interesting summary of findings in a specific research area, usually produced to paper size A0

From doing a bit of research into this I have found that the key is to produce something:

  • Visually appealing – yet professional. It needs to attract visitors in a non garish manner.
  • Well organised – it should hold the audiences attention.
  • Informative – it should be something memorable.

On an A0 poster you should aim for no more than 1000-1100 words as a rough guide. The whole thing should be readable within 10 minutes.

Producing a sequence of columns will aid the reader’s progression through the research:

  • Introduction – typically the left-most column that should consist of brief background information and a specific hypothesis and research question.
  • Method – the second progression within the columns, containing the significant detail only – graphics may be useful here.
  • Results – these should lie in the middle, often being the largest section. Very important to visualize your data in figures and tables.
  • Conclusions – Reminder of the hypotheses and determination as to whether the findings were consistent with this. Mention of any future directions.

You may wish to include:

  • A crest or logo of the company/association the research is affiliated with
  • A reference list
  • Acknowledgements
  • Further contact details

In terms of style:

  • The poster should be easy to read
  • Sans serif font for large titles/figures
  • Serif font for body of text and figure captions
  • Stick to 2-3 colours and keep these consistent
  • The colours must create contrast to aid clarity

I’ll put these details into a document and save it as a resource. I have no internet link or reference for this information as it is adapted from a resource I was provided with in my course.

I hope it proves useful for someone if this comes up in any sessions again.