More about critical thinking

“No-one can tell another person.. how he should think any more than how he ought to breathe – but the various ways in which men do think can be told… some of these ways are better than others.  The person who understnads what the better wasy of thinking are – can, if he will, chagne his own personal ways until they become more effective.

(Dewey, 1933)

In Chapter 3,  Moon reviews the approaches to critical thinking in literature.  She finds that different approaches emphasize different characteristics of critical thinking.

Her general conclusion is that it is agreed that in critical thinking there is a need to be reasonably adept with language, a need for clarity and precision in ideas, a need for persistance and a need to be relatively systematic.  She also finds that “what we might be willing to call proficient critical thinking is likely to have a generally questioning habit of mind.”

Probably the point that I like the most… “There is a role for creativity and imagination in critical thinking”.

Moon warns however that “good-quality critical thinking is not demarcated by the quality of the processes involved in the thinking, but by the quality of the thinking itself” (Balin et al. 1999)




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