Mentoring and Coaching Research Journal

In the coming weeks I will be undertaking a volunteer role as a mentor/coach to secondary school pupils and in preparation for this post I have been assigned some useful reading. I was directed to The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring. This is an online journal which is accessible to all (no need for a password or subscription) and all the articles published have been peer reviewed. Every year two volumes are released, one in the February and the other in the August.

Numerous different types of articles are included within the journal from typical academic research style papers to reflective essays and book reviews. The field of mentoring and coaching is explored from a variety of viewpoints such as that of coaching/mentoring adolescents or how coaching/mentoring is utilised within major companies. Reading through the journal gives you an idea of the important role a mentor/coach can play in the lives of their mentees or learners. It is also a reminder that coaching and mentoring is a field of work which is in a constant state of change and evolution.

As a result of having read a few papers included within the journal I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my own mentoring experience and how I can use what I have learnt from the current research into the area to improve how I mentor/coach the students who come to see me. It has also highlighted the differences which exist between mentoring/coaching someone on a regular basis to how we mentor/coach the students who come to see us as they typically only see us once (though this is not always the case). This journal is a very useful tool for anyone who mentors/coaches/advises and I would recommend checking it out.

If anyone is interested in reading any of the articles in the journal the link is posted below. All past issues of the journal from their first issue published in August 2003 to their current February 2016 volume can be accessed online. They have also published a number of ‘Special Issues’ which can also be found on their website.

Hopefully you will find the journal helpful or at the very least interesting!

The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring. 2016. Available at: (Accessed 25 Jan 2016)



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