A Checklist for Tutors

This is just an informal and rough idea of the areas which I think would generally be covered in a standard, successful mentoring session. I personally find this is a useful template to consider when reflecting on your sessions.

There may be points you do not agree with and would not necessarily do yourself, or points which you feel are missing – please feel free to make comments or suggestions!

  • At the beginning of the session, I established rapport and put the student at ease.
  • I asked the student what he or she needed help with, and we decided what to work on.
  • I looked over the assignment sheet (or the student’s notes) to be sure that I understood the assignment.
  • I made my explanations simple and clear (without being patronising) so that the student could understand them.
  • I made sure that the work was the student’s rather than my own, and that the student understood that the work was his or her responsibility.
  • I offered encouragement by pointing out what the student already knew and helped the student to organise in a manageable way what he or she needed to work on.
  • When I was unable to confidently answer the student’s questions, I consulted other reference material or referred him or her to their lecturer.
  • I was careful not to criticise the course, lecturer, assignment, lecturer’s comments or grade.
  • I was careful not to offer too much praise and didn’t suggest a grade for the work, even if I was asked to.
  • I filled out the appropriate forms documenting the session.



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